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Dealership Review: Ocean Auto Sales in San Clemente, Ca

On December 18, 2011, I went to take a look at a 1999 Mercedes-Benz C230 Kompressor at Ocean Auto Sales in San Clemente, California. The car has a white exterior, with a beige leather interior. The car has 142,000 miles with an asking price of $6,999. Before I walked onto the lot, I parked my car on a nearby street, where I had to park in front of a meter. I put in two quarters for twenty minutes, thinking that it was plenty of time to take a five or ten minute test drive in the Mercedes. I saw the car on the edge of their lot from the sidewalk. A saleswoman in her 40’s or 50’s came up to me asking if I was interested in buying one of the cars. I told her that I wanted to look at the Mercedes C230, but that I wasn’t planning to buy a car today. She immediately asked, “Why not?” I then had a bad feeling about this dealer and I should have left right away. After the lady showed me the car she wanted to know if I liked it. I said that it was okay. She then told me to follow her to the dealer building, where she introduced me to another salesman named Wally. This was when I learned that these guys didn’t car about customer service. They showed me another car then asked if I wanted to buy it. It was a BMW 318i Convertible. I told them that I didn’t want a convertible. Wally then pointed out a Mercedes C230 two door hatchback. He told me that he had one and it got excellent gas mileage. I told him that it was just okay. Wally introduced to me who I believe was the manager whose name was either Pete or Bob. I’ll just refer to him as Pete because I think that was most likely the name. It didn’t matter because all of the people that worked there are not professionals and I’ll explain why. Pete started constantly saying that he can get me a good deal today, and kept asking me what I would pay for the 1999 C230. He wrote $6,800 on a piece of paper, and I told him I was not planning to make a purchase today. He then wrote $6,700, saying that it would be a Christmas special. I told him again that I needed time to think, and that I needed to get more cash. I was under pressure and frustration, but Pete did not care. He then suggested that perhaps the Mercedes was not the car for me. Pete and the saleswoman took me outside again, showing me more cars that I had absolutely no interest in driving or buying. I told them I was in a hurry and Pete’s response was, “Well it would be worth the wait if you get a good deal, right?” They showed me a Ford Taurus, BMW 323i, Ford Focus, Hyundai Accent, Ford Mustang Cobra, and Volvo V70. The saleswoman then was able to prove herself to be dumb or a liar. When she showed me the Focus, I told her that I’ve heard that they have engine issues. Her response was “My family has been driving Ford Focuses for thirty years.” Was she serious!? Ford Focuses have only been around for twelve years! We then walked inside again, and Pete wanted to know what my phone number is. I changed the last digit so that I wouldn’t be getting any calls from them. After being pushed around by these morons for at least twenty minutes, I was able to leave. Luckily, I didn’t get a parking ticket because the meter had expired. When I got back home, I thought I would read some reviews about this dealer, and I was shocked. More than half the reviews I’ve read have rated Ocean Auto Sales only one star. Then, I came across a newspaper article by The San Clemente Times on their website. Two customers were picketing in front of the dealer because they had problems with the vehicles they had purchased. The article was written two months prior to my visit. A family friend of ours that resides in San Clemente told me that they saw the picketers in front of the dealer when they were out. My suggestion is to buy a vehicle from a different dealer if you’re going to be buying a used car in the San Clemente area. Ocean Auto Sales defines what a pushy, shady, and scandalous used car dealer truly is. Only buy from this place if you don’t have any knowledge about cars and want to be pushed into buying one right away. You have been warned!

Here’s The article from The San Clemente Times: